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5 Great Ways to Help New Moms

5 Great Ways to Help New Moms

You are probably here reading this because you are about to have a new mom in your life…or maybe you are about to be a new mom and are looking for ideas on what to expect when the baby gets here.

I am so glad you are here. It is so exciting when babies come into the world. New babies bring so much joy and they also bring transition!

The first couple months are a critical time for Mother and Baby to build their relationship. They are learning each other and getting into a routine. During this time, the Mother is also healing. On the outside she may look fine but on the inside, her body is rebuilding after carrying and delivering a child, her hormones are regulating, and she is learning to adjust to the new schedules.

Here is what new moms say helped them the most:

Bringing in food.

It is so nice for new moms to have meals brought in to them.  As they prepare to have the baby, sometimes they will get freezer meals prepared.  That is not always easy between working, having other children, and not having much energy.  When you have a newborn too, it can be easy to forget to eat.  By having hot meals and prepped meals delivered, this helps new mom not only make sure that they are eating but it saves them trips to the store and also clean up.

Providing Laundry Service.

New moms are supposed to be healing while they are home with the baby, especially during the newborn stage.  If a mom has had a c-section as well, she will really need to take it easy. Having someone come in and help with the laundry can really help a new mom. Washing, drying, and folding makes it so easy to put away without the stress of handling a baby through it all.  It can be extremely stressful trying to keep up with everything and little things like laundry can make a huge difference.

Cleaning the house.

There aren't many people that love cleaning.  When there is a new baby, you will find that the new mom is tired, emotional, and trying to learn a new routine.  Cleaning the house is going to be the last things on their mind.  It is actually on the forefront of their mind but they are not going to be tending to the house first thing.  You can come and help a new mom with little cleaning projects or even gift a new mom with a cleaning service!

Letting Mom Shower

If you are a mom, you know that it is a rare occassion to shower in peace.  One way you can help a new mom is to come hold the baby or sit with the baby.  This allows for Momma to shower without rushing.  They don't have to worry about phantom cries or skip a shower completely because of cries.  Letting mom have time to herself while knowing her baby is safe in the other room is a huge gift!

Help with shopping.

It can be hard for new moms to get out and do all the running!  They are still healing and they are having to get themselves and a baby out.  Many moms love having someone do their running for them.  Other moms have said they love having the extra help of having someone go with them.  It gives mom a chance to have some new scenery and also some good socialization time.


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Guest Post provided by Brenna Dean

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