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What Foods to Avoid While Breasfeeding for Colic

What Foods to Avoid While Breasfeeding for Colic

What is Colic?

Colic is a tough phase for any new parent. You are tired. You are trying to learn your new baby. And your baby just will not quit crying. You have tried literally everything and nothing is working. Your baby has all of it's needs met and is completely healthy. 

Colic is described as crying that lasts for prolonged periods of time (think 3+ hours). It is consistent and persistent fussiness.  It is tough, Mama. We have been there. We know!

Luckily, colic is a phase, and is short in the big picture of things.  It turns off just as quickly as it turned on. There are a few things you can do to help your baby.  Crying like that is hard on them!

Breastfeeding and Colic

Not all moms need to be concerned with their diet while breastfeeding but if you have a colic baby, your diet is the first thing you should check!

Babies are born with immature digestive systems and some of them have trouble digesting certain foods (that are passed through the breastmilk).  If your baby has a sensitivity to a food, you will know pretty quick. It can result in screaming, projectile vomiting, excessive spit up, or horrible gas pains.

Don't let this get you down or feel like you are failing. Babies who are formula fed can have colic too! Sometimes the proteins in the formula will do the same thing.  Ultimately, there is no known cause of colic but many have found that diet change really helps.

Foods to Avoid for Colic

For all breastfeeding moms, alcohol and caffeine should be consumed in small amounts. Both can be transferred through breastmilk.  Many breastfeeding moms don't have to watch the diet much past that. For moms of colic babies though, there are some common trigger foods.

If you are dealing with a colic baby, start by cutting these trigger foods out of your diet. It can take a few weeks to get them out of your system but many notice decreased cry time within days.

  • Dairy
  • Cruciferous Vegetables - broccoli, cauliflower, onion, cabbage, brussel sprouts, and peppers
  • Legumes
  • Spicy seasonings - garlic, cumin, chili, red pepper

Dairy is the hardest to cut out because it is in everything but it is commonly reported as a culprit of colic. It is so much more than just milk and cheese! You'll want to look for Casein, Whey, and Lactose. Read your labels.

Another way to help stay on track and avoid trigger foods is by eating at home. It helps to avoid hidden ingredients. With a colic baby, chances are you aren't eating out much anyway. Making a meal plan and making your meals will help you stay on track and be able to control what you eat.

After a month of eliminating the foods, you can introduce them back in slowly to see if you are able to identify any specific trigger foods. 

Things to Remember

Just like colic, the diet restrictions are temporary.

You are doing this to ease the discomfort of your baby. 

Changing your diet will not hurt your baby. Be sure to be eating plenty of healthy calories to maintain supply and nutrition.

Eliminating trigger foods can help you to avoid having to give your baby medicine. 

The Mommy Wrap and Colic

Breastfeeding foods to avoid colic

The Mommy Wrap was created by a Mom of three colic babies!  She designed it with soothing colic babies in mind.  The Mommy Wrap keeps the baby upright, which is great for reflux and aiding digestion in babies, it keeps them close to you, and it even frees up a hand!  We know how hard it can be to have a colic baby and having a free hand helps you get everything else done too! The Mommy Wrap can even be paired with a traditional baby carrier to provide extra support and warmth in cooler seasons.

Shop the Mommy Wrap

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Breastfeeding and colic

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