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The Mommy Wrap® • Sleeveless Black Polka Dot

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The only 4-n-1 Cardigan for Mom.

  • A patent-pending cardigan that can be worn with or without baby
  • also helps hold and soothe baby
  • also provides skin-to-skin action
  • and acts as a nursing cover

That's just the beginning! Originally created for acid reflux and colic but enjoyed by all.

Check out all the uses....

  • Pockets front & back
  • Convenient connectors for pacifiers
  • Wear with or w/out baby & even maternity
  • Great for skin-to-skin
  • Amazing "kangaroo" support in NICU
  • Hides postpartum belly
  • Use as a nursing cover
  • Great cover up for nursing tank tops too
  • Helps with burping support for newborn babies
  • Easy transfer for sleeping baby into crib
  • Adds extra layer of warmth with other baby carriers

The Mommy Wrap is the perfect gift for any mom!

The Mommy Wrap was originally created for acid reflux & colic babies. It is a patent-pending cardigan for Mom that can also hold baby upright & free up hands, making Mom life easier. The Mommy Wrap is sewn in a polyester/cotton blend that is breathable, durable, and soft. The Mommy Wrap is not a hands-free baby carrier.