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The only 4-n-1 Cardigan for Mom

Can be worn with or without baby &  helps hold and soothe baby

The Mommy Wrap® is a patent-pending cardigan that can be worn with or without baby.  Originally created for babies with acid reflux or colic, it is designed to assist Mom in keeping baby upright with ease, but helpful in so many other ways.  Practical pockets front and back, plus convenient connector loops ensure there is a place to keep everything within reach, also making it a cardigan mom will wear for a lifetime.

The Mommy Wrap is sewn in a spandex/cotton blend that is breathable, durable, and so very soft. The Mommy Wrap is not hands-free, but it still frees up a hand to take care of everyone and everything in the household.  What else can the Mommy Wrap be used for?  Click here to find out!  For items on clearance, click here.