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About Us

Kim Taylor Founder of Mommy Wrap LLC

Hi. My name is Kim Taylor. And that there is my wonderful family. I am a survivor of three colic babies, all of which also had GERD, otherwise known as acid reflux. I am a hard worker and lover of babies and children, and an advocate for efficiency and practicality. With that, I created The Mommy Wrap®.

What started out as a simple sweater that I would use to throw on over my breastfeeding tank tops, slowly started making its fashion statement and practicality use as it helped me to conveniently manage taking care of my family, soothing my baby and just simply making my life easier. Find out more about my journey through colic and acid reflux here


Meet my Mom

I'm Proud to say my Business Partner is my Mother.

Rhonda Dalzell cofounder of The Mommy Wrap LLC
After 25 years of experience in customer service and project management, Rhonda retired so she can enjoy her family. Rhonda has 5 grandchildren under the age of 5. In addition to family she spends her time studying finance, sewing, gardening, and traveling. Having the opportunity to engage in a new business, with her daughter Kim, has created a new and exciting chapter in her life.

We are so excited to be apart of your motherhood journey!  Making mom life easier is our main goal. We know how tough colic can be, on both you and your newborn.